Thursday, February 26, 2009

Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos... they look absolutely gorgeous! I know most of you are familiar with this body art. Henna or also known as Mehndi, is one of the most extraordinary forms of temporary tattoos that originated in South Asia. This isn't just a popular trend during summer... but a significant form of art during the ancient years in several South Asian territories. This is old school dude, that's why henna tattoos rock!

I've been doing henna tattoos for five years now. It has been my "raket" ever since I started doing it back in college. We had a lot of clients during university gatherings like trade fairs or 'Camp of the Tribes'. Our talent fees were quite cheap that time since it was just a fund raising activity for our department. But we were cool with that, the experience was all worth it.

Anyways, henna tattoos saved my poor rebel ass when I ran away from home three years ago. It payed the bills, the rent and somehow, I managed to afford three meals a day. Whew, it was a hard life - hard as egg! Every night, I have to be on my 'artistic mode' so that I can come up with good designs for customers. You see, I do not provide ready-to-copy designs or catalogues, rather, I make my own original design for each of my customers. I may not be an expert tattoo artist, but I am different.:D And what really makes me unique? - I use disposable fork! No fancy applicators needed. HEHE.

Moving on... Here are some of my previous works. Check it out!

Lady Dragon
model: Alice Joy (my bandmate)

Fatboy! LOL

What's my name?

Wicked strings!

Crazy Feet? haha