Thursday, January 31, 2008


"Mabuhay!" Greetings to all my friends, fellow artists and everybody who can simply appreciate art - from the simplest form down to the most complicated and mind-bugging masterpieces. "My Pieces of Crafts" is a simple collection of my previous (and upcoming ) art works. But wait, it isn't only about colors, shades and stuff, but - the stories about meI'll do my best to create as many entries as possible with new materials and cool crafts of any medium available. Please visit my blog regularly, okay? Are we kewl? And also check out my MOTHER BLOG - if you don't have anything else to do, it's fun!

Anyways, if you have comments, suggestions, requests...anything that you would like to share or ask... personal stuff? Why not? Feel free to contact me anytime. Send me your e-mails, love notes, love letters etc and I'd be delighted to read all of them. AND ALSO... CONTRIBUTIONS are very much welcome here in "Pieces of Crafts". Send me your own Obra Maestras and I will be honored to post them for you! Once again, welcome and enjoy the rest of the show!

Our world, our lives at its beautiful and crappy form. Things we often disregard, yet, these what makes us complete human beings... Words, colors, love expressed in such overwhelming ways. A series of random thoughts... disorganized day-by-day scripts about you and me. Careless strokes that speaks about who the hell I am. My portal when there's a need to disconnect from reality - But reality bites - so bite back, and bite harder until it bleeds. Living life and saying Yes! - Yes to happiness. For every shade of pastels, rainbows and hues scattered on your path, I'm just a block away... waiting for you to come - and see if we can make great pieces of crafts and paint the world with LIFE! - 'Di Puro Mehikano